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‘I hope I can work with Holland’: Tom Holland, Jackie Chan exchange praise for ‘Uncharted’ action scenes

tom jackie spidey
  • Actor Tom Holland, 25, praised legendary Hong Kong-born Chinese actor Jackie Chan before the video game-to-film adaptation of “Uncharted” finally premiered in China on March 14.
  • “One of our big inspirations for one of the fight scenes in this film, which is the bar fight, was Jackie Chan using his surroundings to fight people in very unique and different ways," Holland said in a recent interview.
  • “I heard the young man paid tribute to my films in a lot of action scenes and has done stunts by himself,” Chan replied. “You are amazing. But be careful when you do stunts. I'm thrilled that Chinese Kung Fu movies have fans all around the world. Thank you for your support, and I hope I can work with Holland in the future."
  • The live-action adaptation was originally set to release on Dec. 18, 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed its premiere to early 2022.

Marvel actor Tom Holland and legendary Hong Kong-born Chinese actor Jackie Chan exchanged praises before the video game-to-film adaptation of “Uncharted” finally premiered in China.

In a recent interview, Holland, 25, explained that some of the film’s scenes were inspired by the stunts of Chan, 67, who is known for using random nearby objects to his advantage during fights.

Michelle Yeoh reveals she almost died doing her own stunts with Jackie Chan in ‘Supercop’

michelle yeoh supercop
  • Legendary actor Michelle Yeoh revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she nearly died while filming a scene in “Supercop.”
  • In the 1992 Hong Kong film, Yeoh, who played a cop, co-starred with martial arts icon Jackie Chan and reportedly did many of her dangerous stunts herself.
  • Helmed by stunt coordinator-turned-director Stanley Tong, the film featured risky stunts such as a sequence in which Yeoh jumps from a moving truck’s roof onto the hood of a speeding convertible car driven by Chan.
  • While performing the stunt, Yeoh fell and was nearly hit by oncoming traffic before insisting on giving it another go.

Malaysian acting legend Michelle Yeoh recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly why she has stopped doing the death-defying stunts she used to. 

During the interview, the 59-year-old star divulged how dangerous the stunts she did herself were in the 1992 Hong Kong action film “Supercop.”

‘They do not want to experience any hardship’: Jackie Chan says young actors lack work ethic

Jackie Chan on Young Actors
  • Jackie Chan was recently invited to be the guest of honor at the 40th annual Golden Rooster Awards, a Chinese event honoring the best of the film industry.
  • During a talk show commemorating the event, Chan bemoaned the attitude of some of the younger, up-and-coming actors, saying they “did not want to experience any hardship.”
  • The acting legend also expressed admiration for fellow industry long-haulers who had persevered and overcome challenges over the course of their careers.

In a talk show commemorating the Golden Rooster Awards, Jackie Chan expressed disapproval towards young actors who do not want to work hard to further their career.

The 67-year-old actor made the remarks in a broadcast on Jan. 5. He spoke about the obstacles he overcame in the beginning of his career and the dangerous stunts he executed. Young actors, Chan said, have to put in the work and remain dedicated in order to succeed.

Jackie Chan says Bruce Lee once helped him get paid more on set in unearthed 1997 interview

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

A previously unpublished interview with action star Jackie Chan from 1997 revealed just how much he looked up to martial arts icon Bruce Lee.

The king of martial arts: The interview, conducted by journalist Richard James Havis, shed light on the actor’s early days as a stunt choreographer when he witnessed Lee’s rise to global fame, reported South China Morning Post.

Jackie Chan wishes to join the CCP, Chinese social media users say he’s not qualified

Action superstar Jackie Chan has publicly expressed his interest in joining the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during a symposium for Chinese film in Beijing last week. 

CCP admirer: The martial arts icon revealed his desire to become an official member of the CCP after being asked to comment on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the party’s centennial celebration on July 1, reported Business Insider

Jackie Chan and Other Hong Kong Celebrities Vow to Protect Chinese Flag

Jackie Chan has aligned himself to be among the patriotic Chinese who declared themselves “flag bearers,” soon after news emerged that protesters in Hong Kong threw the Chinese national flag into the sea.

Last week, protesters ripped the Chinese national flag off the flag pole on the Tsim Sha Tsui side of Victoria Harbour and hurled it into the waters. The flag was then replaced with flags bearing the words “Hong Kong Independence.” 

Japanese Rockstar Sorry for Eating Dinner With Jackie Chan During Hong Kong Protests

X Japan member Yoshiki came under fire after posting a picture of himself having dinner with Jackie Chan during the Hong Kong anti-extradition law protests last week.

The 53-year-old musician shared the post on his social media accounts on June 12, showing a private dinner that he had with Chan, who is said to be a “prominent and outspoken supporter of the Communist Party of China,” according to SoraNews24.