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10 Insect-Based Asian Delicacies That Will Definitely Scare Away Your Non-Asian Neighbors

Now that all the Halloween celebrations are coming to an end, many people across the country will be tearing down their decorative plastic spiders from their walls. But in parts of Asia, these little creepy-crawlies are seasoned and displayed year-round. Here are 10 insect and bug dishes from across Asia that are as scary as they are delicious:

1. Korean Beondegi


Taiwanese Student Earns Over $6,000 a Month Farming Cockroaches

A Taiwanese university student started farming cockroaches as pet food which he now turns into a thriving business that makes thousands of dollars. The student, identified as Tong, started buying cockroaches merely as a source of food for his pet.

The 20-year-old eventually realized that spending for these intrusive insects frequently can be quite cumbersome for his budget. With that said, the Taiwanese student started farming cockroaches on his own in order to lessen his expenses.