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Suni Lee addresses hate surrounding relationship with Black boyfriend in TikTok comment

  • Three-time Olympic medalist in gymnastics Suni Lee posted a photo revealing her new relationship last week.
  • In response to a supporter’s video, she wrote that she’d been receiving hate from the Hmong American community.
  • “They support me when it’s beneficial for them, never when it comes to my happiness,” she said. 

Three-time Olympic medalist Suni Lee went public with her new relationship via Instagram last week.

Lee, now a freshman at Auburn University, poses in the photo alongside her new boo with a caption that includes a single white heart emoji. 

Hmong American PhD student rejected for prestigious fellowship for not being in ‘underrepresented’ group

Hmong American

A Hmong American Ph.D. candidate studying neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was refused a fellowship after it was determined that she was not from an “underrepresented” group because she’s Asian American.

“Model minority” myth: In a Twitter thread, doctoral student Kao Lee Yang said she was nominated for the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s (HHMI) Gilliam Fellowship but was told by a committee that she didn’t fit its “Racial/Ethnic Underrepresentation” criteria.

Doua Moua to star in self-written Hmong American drama ‘The Harvest’

Doua Moua is starring in "The Harvest."

“Mulan” actor Doua Moua will star in the independent film “The Harvest,” a Hmong American family drama based on his own screenplay.

What to know: “The Harvest,” which Moua wrote in 2009, follows an estranged son who comes home to help his ailing Hmong father and ends up setting off “a chain of events that affects the lives of his entire family.” The script made it to the 2019 CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) List and is a 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist.