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Scientist who created world’s first genetically modified human babies released from Chinese prison

  • Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui made headlines in 2018 after announcing the birth of the world’s first genetically-engineered babies.
  • Modified CCR5 genes supposedly made the pair of twins immune to HIV, but editing errors resulted in them carrying an entirely new version of the genes.
  • He was sentenced to three years in prison in January 2020 after being convicted of deliberately violating national regulations in pursuit of “personal fame and gain.”
  • People familiar with He’s case reportedly confirmed his release, but the scientist declined to comment after being contacted.
  • Two Chinese bioethicists have called on the government to create a research center that will monitor the genetically modified children’s wellbeing.

A Chinese biophysicist globally condemned for “playing God” after creating the world’s first genetically engineered babies in 2018 has reportedly been released from prison.

He Jiankui, who previously worked as an associate professor of biology at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, was sentenced to three years behind bars in January 2020 for deliberately violating national biomedical regulations in pursuit of “personal fame and gain.”

Chinese Scientist Who Created Gene-Edited Babies Gets 3 Years in Jail

A Chinese scientist who caused an international stir after claiming responsibility for the world’s first gene-edited babies in 2018 has been sentenced to three years behind bars on Monday.

He Jiankui, 35, along with two other collaborators, was found guilty of forging ethical review materials and misleading others into implanting genetically-engineered embryos in women, which resulted in three designer babies.

Chinese Scientist Behind Gene-Edited Babies Had Plans for ‘Designer Baby’ Clinic

He Jiankui, the disgraced Chinese scientist who created the world’s first genetically-engineered babies, reportedly had plans to turn his knowledge and skills into a lucrative enterprise.

The news comes from an investigative report from Science Magazine, the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which found that He hoped to gene-edit babies for the wealthy.

Chinese Scientist in ‘Gene-Edited Babies’ Controversy is Now ‘Missing’

chinese scientist

Professor He Jiankui, the controversial Chinese scientist who claimed to have produced the world’s first genetically-edited babies, is now reportedly missing.

Just last week, He gave a presentation at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong, where he talked about his controversial experiment and responded to queries from his peers and the media.

Chinese Scientist in Gene-Edited Babies Controversy Reveals Second Pregnancy

He Jiankui

Chinese professor He Jiankui, the scientist who made global headlines after claiming to have created the first gene-edited babies, finally addressed the controversy during a genome summit in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Responding to questions from the media and his peers during the event, the Southern University of Science and Technology researcher defended his experiment and revealed a second pregnancy.