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Fired restaurant manager who threw water at customer’s face claims she used anti-Asian racial slurs

  • Diong, who worked at Crab Du Jour in Greenfield, Wisconsin, was fired after he threw liquid at a customer’s face.
  • The customer, who was identified as Mariah Luckette, was intoxicated and hurled racial slurs, according to Diong.
  • Luckette, who can be seen on surveillance footage throwing a chair back over the bar at Diong, said the incident occured after she told him her food was cold. 
  • She also claimed the lemon in her drink caused chemical burns to her face.
  • “I throw a glass of water at her,” Diong explained to police. “She just reacted and throw something back to me. I shouldn't have, but I'm really frustrated."
  • In addition to being fired, Diong was given a disorderly conduct citation.

A restaurant manager in Wisconsin was fired after he was captured on surveillance footage throwing liquid at a customer’s face. 

Jason Diong, the former manager of the Crab Du Jour restaurant in Greenfield, told local authorities that he doused the woman with a glass of water because she used anti-Asian racial slurs.