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Chinese woman dresses up as an elderly person so her grandfather, 96, will recognize her in the afterlife

A Chinese woman wore makeup and clothes to make herself look older, so her 96-year-old grandfather will recognize her as an elderly woman when they meet in the afterlife.

Liang Tingting, 27, was raised by her grandparents in Zhangjiang of southern China’s Guangdong Province after her father died of uremia when she was 6 years old. Her grandparents initially farmed to support her education; however, due to financial difficulties, Liang ended up needing to work the rest of her childhood after finishing first grade.

Cafe Maddy Cab: Program that pays cab fares for NYC AAPIs vulnerable to hate crimes relaunches

cafe Maddy cab
  • Food influencer Madeline Park relaunched her Cafe Maddy Cab program on Sunday in response to the rising rate of anti-Asian hate crimes in her home city of New York.
  • “Every single time I see a headline or a video footage of [a crime], I feel a very visceral fear that it could've been me. Or my parents. Or grandparents. This is why I started the initiative in the first place,” Park tells NextShark.
  • Last year, with the help of 25 volunteers and 4,016 donors, Cafe Maddy Cab raised over $250,000 to pay for cab fares for people who are at risk of anti-Asian hate crimes, including elderly populations, women and LGBTQ-plus individuals.

Food influencer Madeline Park relaunched her Cafe Maddy Cab program on Sunday to raise funds for anti-Asian hate crime prevention.

In April 2021, the Korean American content creator developed Cafe Maddy Cab on Instagram to pay for cab fares for people who were at risk of being targeted by anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City, including seniors, women and LGBTQ-plus individuals. With a team of 25 volunteers and in collaboration with former tech company Stimulus, they raised $100,00 overnight and another $150,000 over the next three months from 4,016 donors. Cafe Maddy Cab also received support from Lyft and Uber to pay for 7,842 cab fares. 

Elderly Malaysian man who orders dinner for 8 but dines alone has netizens offering to eat with him

  • In a Facebook post uploaded on March 18, Zupi Bakhtiar describes having seen an elderly man ordering dinner for eight, even though he was alone through the entire meal.
  • Malaysian radio station Zayan reposted the story on April 25, garnering over 3,700 reactions and 1,000 shares.
  • The post explains that the man arranged eight sets of plates and cutlery around himself for a “family meal” but was seen eating alone the entire time.
  • When Zupi asked the waiter about the elderly man, he was told that the man frequented the restaurant about two to three times a week and would order dinner for eight each time, requesting the leftovers be packed.
  • Zupi asked that the restaurant's location remain hidden out of respect for the elderly man and in hopes that internet users who encounter him will not disturb him.

An elderly Malaysian man was seen ordering a meal for eight, complete with eight sets of dishes and cutlery, while eating alone.

A Facebook user who witnessed the moment, Zupi Bakhtiar, posted about his experience on March 18. After Malaysian radio station Zayan heard about the story, they reposted it to their official Facebook page on April 25, garnering over 3,700 reactions and over 1,000 shares. 

Asian American woman, 70, punched in the face in unprovoked Boston Chinatown attack

Asian American woman Boston Chinatown
  • A 70-year-old Asian American woman said she was walking along Harrison Avenue in Boston’s Chinatown when a middle-aged white man punched her in the face and left her with a black eye on April 2.
  • She shared her story on Tuesday during a virtual community meeting, which was organized to address the recent violence in the neighborhood.
  • The Boston Police detectives and the department’s Civil Rights Unit are investigating the case. Surveillance cameras around the area where the assault happened reportedly did not work.
  • The police announced their plan to assign more Chinese-speaking officers in Chinatown during the virtual meeting.
  • The victim said that she will forgive the suspect if he is found and does not want him in jail.

A 70-year-old Asian American woman said she was punched in the face in an unprovoked attack earlier this month in Boston’s Chinatown.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was walking along Harrison Avenue after visiting a bakery when a man allegedly punched her in the face and left her with a black eye on April 2.

Singaporean woman, 82, fears for her future after moving overseas to be with daughter who stopped caring for her

An elderly woman claims that her daughter refused to take care of her after she and her husband sold their Singapore home and moved to Australia to live with her.

The 82-year-old woman, Zhang Xiujin, said that her daughter, 56, originally asked her parents to move in with her in Australia after learning that her father, Zhang’s husband, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, according to Shin Min Daily News. Zhang and her husband then sold their four-bedroom home in Marine Crescent, Singapore, and immigrated to Australia in 2018 with their savings. 

NYC Asian elderly are not leaving their homes over fears of being attacked, study finds

  • Community-based organizations focused on helping Asian seniors have reported that many of them are not leaving their homes over fears of being attacked, according to a new study by the Asian American Federation’s Seniors Working Group (SWG).
  • The seniors would not leave their homes even for the most pressing trips, such as buying food or groceries, which could lead to food insecurity and malnutrition.
  • Such home isolation can also lead to mental health challenges, as 30% of Asian seniors already live alone, while 37% have no daily contact with family, friends or neighbors.
  • Based on their findings, the SWG has presented a tailored set of recommendations for the city to implement in support of Asian seniors.

The spike in anti-Asian attacks since the onset of COVID-19 has terrorized elderly Asians in New York City to the point of home isolation, a recent study suggests.

Among major U.S. cities, New York has seen the largest increase (343%) in anti-Asian hate crimes in the past year, jumping from 30 in 2020 to 133 in 2021. Four Asian locals — two of them seniors — have also died as a result of violence in recent months.

Two men stabbed multiple times while trying to help 61-year-old Asian woman being robbed in Queens

Louie's PIzzeria
  • A 61-year-old Asian woman was stabbed in the back and robbed outside of Louie’s Pizza at Baxter Avenue and Judge Street in Elmhurst, Queens, on Saturday night.
  • When the owner of the pizzeria, Louie Suljovic, and his 68-year-old father rushed to intervene, they were both stabbed multiple times before the attackers fled.
  • The alleged perpetrators, 30-year-old Robert Whack and 18-year-old Supreme Goodin, have been arrested and charged.
  • A GoFundMe page was launched to help Suljovic and his father pay for their medical expenses and staff while the pizzeria remains closed.

Two suspects were arrested for robbing and stabbing a 61-year-old Asian woman, as well as two men who tried to intervene on her behalf outside a pizzeria in Queens, New York.

Police said the woman, who remains unidentified, was attacked by 30-year-old Robert Whack and 18-year-old Supreme Gooding outside of Louie’s Pizza at Baxter Avenue and Judge Street in Elmhurst on Saturday night.

‘We feel helpless’: Elderly Asian attack victims meet to call out SF DA for alleged mishandlings

san francisco
  • Anh Lê, 69, and Rong Xin Liao, 85, met for the first time on Monday in a mutual show of support as fellow victims of violence.
  • The defendants in both their cases had spent time in custody before being released.
  • The victims spoke out against the District Attorney’s Office for allegedly failing to keep them informed of their cases’ progress.

Two senior Asian attack victims in San Francisco met each other on Monday to speak out against the District Attorney’s Office for allegedly mishandling their cases and leaving them feeling “like garbage.”

Anh Lê, 69, visited 85-year-old Rong Xin Liao in his residence a week after Lê filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office for allegedly failing to communicate critical updates in his case.

SF Chinatown attack victim’s legal team says suspect was on foot, DA never communicated potential plea

san francisco chinatown
  • A week after Anh Lê filed a federal lawsuit against the San Francisco District Attorney, his lawyers are accusing the office of releasing “misleading” responses.
  • The legal team insists that their client was never told of a potential plea deal and was only informed after a resolution was reached.
  • They also claim that Lê’s attacker was on foot when the incident occurred, contradicting the public defender’s statement that he was in a wheelchair.
  • According to his team, Lê did not know what material the bat used to attack him was made of but that it was “3 feet long, solid and painful.”

Attorneys representing San Francisco Chinatown attack victim Anh Lê have accused the District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s Office of releasing “misleading” statements in response to their client’s lawsuit, insisting that he was never made aware of a potential plea deal.

Lê, 69, filed a federal lawsuit against the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office on Jan. 25 after it allegedly failed to inform him of and involve him in plea discussions that led to a lenient sentence for Jimmy Tanner Sr., a man who allegedly attacked him in November 2019.

A year after NYC brutal hate assault, daughter searches for Good Samaritan who saved her elderly mother’s life

Elderly assault good samaritan nyc

Almost one year after a brutal assault in broad daylight, an elderly Filipina American and her daughter speak out about how it feels to be a hate crime survivor and how the incident changed their lives.

As a single mother whose husband passed away several years ago, Vilma Kari wanted to spend time with her only daughter, Elizabeth “Liz,” to ease the loneliness of the pandemic. She traveled from Chicago to New York last year for that purpose, however, during her trip she fell victim to an anti-Asian assault.

Daughter of NYC elderly woman beaten in broad daylight weighs in on new anti-Asian racism film

The race epidemic liz and vilma kari
  • “The Race Epidemic” documentary aims to memorialize the surge in anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the pandemic.
  • Vilma Kari, an elderly hate crime victim, and her daughter Liz urge readers to watch the film, support it and continue speaking out against racism.
  • The nonprofit Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF) behind the film, of which NextShark is a media partner, is asking for help reaching its $1M fundraising goal to complete the film and tour it across the country.

Filmmakers Ronald W. Wong and Tony Shyu put a finger to the pulse of some of the most notorious anti-Asian hate crimes to make headlines across the country and rock Asian American communities over recent years in their documentary “The Race Epidemic.”

The film touches on the pattern of U.S. racism against Asians throughout the country’s history and how the COVID-19 pandemic served as the spark for the wave of violence and discrimination against Asians.