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100-Year-Old Man Beats Coronavirus With Plasma Donation, China Claims

A 100-year-old man from Wuhan, China where the virus outbreak is believed to have started, was recently discharged from the hospital after being cleared of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The man is now considered the oldest person to ever be cured of the virus after he was released from the branch of Hubei’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital at the Optics Valley in Wuhan on Saturday, according to state-run news Xinhua. The previous record-holder was a 98-year-old woman who beat the virus at Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital in Wuhan.

New Video Emerges of Elderly Asian Man Who Was Attacked in San Francisco

A new video showing the aftermath of an incident in which an elderly Asian man collecting cans in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood and then being assaulted and humiliated has emerged online.

The Instagram video, which was originally shared by @BayAreaFoodz and reposted by Asian entertainment page @Jackfroot, shows men in uniform trying to de-escalate the situation. One man can also be seen pulling trash bags full of cans that the elderly Asian man had collected.