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‘Stolen’ Dog at Market Asks for Rescue By Extending Paw to Passerby in China

A scruffy-looking dog chained in front of a meat market in China was able to escape certain death after seeking help from an animal lover. 

Silent plea for help: Bound to be killed for its meat, an American Eskimo Dog at the market in Jilin Province apparently made a desperate attempt to save itself by extending its paw to a passerby on Oct. 26 last year, MailOnline reports. The video recently went viral.

Dog Owner Has to Pay $6,600 in Compensation to Lamborghini Driver Who Hit Her Dog

A dog owner has agreed to pay a Lamborghini driver 45,000 yuan ($6,600) after her pet escaped and ran towards the 8 million yuan ($1,169,847) luxury car, causing minor damage to the vehicle.

The incident happened in Suzhou on July 17 when the golden retriever slipped its leash while walking with the owner’s 13-year-old daughter, according to Jiangsu Television via South China Morning Post.