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‘Baby Shark’ Got Remixed With ‘Sandstorm’ at Coachella and Wow What a Time to Be Alive

This is not a drill folks! American DJ Jauz, whose real name is Sam Vogel, actually lived up to his promise – and then some – when he played his latest remix track at Coachella last weekend.

As many EDM (Electro Dance Music) fans might remember, Jauz proposed a challenge last year when he tweeted that he will make a remix of the viral Pink Fong song “Baby Shark” if he gets 20,000 retweets, according to Mashable.

Hot Moms are Spending up to $20,000 on Plastic Surgery to Get Ready for Coachella

Some moms will go to great lengths to keep up with their hip teenage daughters at the Coachella music festival even if it requires spending thousands on Botox and tummy tucks.

These cougar moms aren’t giving up their good old glory days just yet. Sarah Mirmelli, 33, has been in the process of getting herself “Coachella ready” for the first round of the music and arts festival that took place in Indio, California, this past weekend. Mirmelli, a divorced mother of two, shelled out $20,000 in Botox, lip injections, a personal trainer, boxing classes and skimpy festival clothes in preparation for Coachella.