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Chinese Actress Faces Backlash After Allegedly Hiring 2 Women to Have Her Babies Then Abandoning Them

Zheng Shuang

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang is facing massive backlash after being accused by her former partner, producer Zhang Heng, of abandoning their two children born to U.S.-based surrogate mothers. 

An international scandal: In a 2019 audio recording that emerged on Monday, Heng said Shuang decided to abandon the children before they were even born following the end of their relationship, South China Morning Post reports.

Hong Kong Actress Goes Shopping with a Stocking Over Her Head After Losing Bet

Kara Wai

It is totally unheard of for an actress or actor to make good on a public bet, especially if that actress is as legendary as Hong Kong star Kara Wai.

Wai, who starred in the police drama show “The Defected,” made a bet with her fans and promised to pull a stunt if the series’ finale on TVB broke 33 ratings points in viewership. Little did she know, the show’s finale was more than a success, and the 59-year-old actress really did deliver on her promise.