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Repeated Attacks on Buddhist Temples in Canada are Being Investigated as Hate Crimes

The Vietnamese community in Montreal Canada are lamenting the repeated attacks by unknown individuals on Buddhist temples in the city and statues at the local Chinatown neighborhood.

According to Louis Le, a volunteer at the Quan Am temple, a statue at the site was destroyed in the first attack about three weeks ago before the place got attacked again recently. 

China’s Top Buddhist Leader Investigated For Allegedly Forcing Nuns to Have Sex With Him

China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs is investigating Xuecheng, the abbot of Longquan Temple in Beijing after documents surfaced claiming that the high-ranking Buddhist monk coerced nuns into having sex.

The sexual misconduct allegation was outlined in a 95-page document prepared by two former monks at the monastery and posted on social media platform Weibo, according to Reuters via South China Morning Post.

Japanese Monk Savagely Berates Tourists Who Post Bad Reviews of Buddhist Temple Guest House

A Buddhist guest house situated in an ancient temple in Mount Kōya, Japan has received critical reviews on, with many commenting on the site’s “basic” amenities.

In response to the negative reviews, Daniel Kimura, a resident monk and an official Shingon priest at the Sekishoin Shukubo guest house, berated the tourists for not keeping their expectations in check prior to visiting Japanese temples.

How Meditation Helped the Thai Soccer Team Survive in the Cave

Proceeding the successful rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach after being trapped in a Thailand cave for 18 days, a Stanford expert explains how Buddhist meditation may have been crucial to the group’s survival.

After almost three weeks of being trapped in a Northern Thailand cave, Thai Navy SEALs announced on Facebook that they weren’t sure if the extraordinary rescue of the boys was due to “miracle, a science, or what.”