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Being Broke Can Actually Cause You Physical Pain, Study Reveals

Not having enough money can cause you physical pain, according to new research.

Published in the journal Psychological Science, the research conducted by lead author Eileen Chou of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and her colleagues found that there is a positive relationship between financial instability and and physical pain, reports Medical News Today.

10 Things Being Broke in My 20s Taught Me

I believe everyone needs to experience a point in their lives where they have no money. It really brings profound changes in your life and teaches you important lessons you can’t learn anywhere else. Coming from humble beginnings myself, here are 10 important lessons I’ve learned from my time being one broke bastard.

Who’s worth your time

As you reach the top, you’ll find that more and more people want to be your friend and be associated with you in some way. When you’re at rock bottom, no one wants anything to do with you unless you’re useful or beneficial to them in some way — except for those who truly love you and value you as a person. You’ll discover that the ones who stick by your side when you can do no good for them are the ones worth keeping around in your life forever.