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Chinese archaeologists excavate 1-million-year-old human skull

  • Chinese archaeologists in China’s Hubei province announced on Wednesday that they unearthed a well-preserved human skull around 1 million years old at a dig site in Yun County.
  • The latest discovery is the third human skull that archaeologists have excavated from the same site. The first two skulls, which scientists named the Yunxian Man, were discovered in 1989 and 1990 and are estimated to be between 800,000 and 1.1 million years old.
  • “The No 3 skull is similar to the first two in terms of burial environment, faunal remains and technical characteristics of stone products, so the three skulls should belong to the same age,” Lu Chengqiu, head of the excavation team and a researcher with the Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, told Hubei Daily.

Chinese archaeologists announced that they have discovered an almost complete human skull around 1 million years old from a dig site in China’s Hubei province.

The skull, excavated by a team of archaeologists from the Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, is the most complete human skull that has been unearthed from that period in mainland Eurasia, according to South China Morning Post, citing a Wednesday report from Hubei Daily.

Chinese Archaeologists Unearth 2,000 Year Old Wine from Han Dynasty Tomb

chinese wine

Archaeologists were working on an excavation site in Luoyang, Henan when they unearthed a jar containing what appeared to be 2,000-year-old Chinese wine.

Scientists at the excavation site discovered a bronze-colored jar from the Western Han Dynasty tomb containing 3.5 liters of clear yellow liquid. As soon as the archaeologists opened the lid, the contents gave off a rich aroma of alcohol, according to Xinhua News Agency.

5 Tons of 800-Year-Old Coins Unearthed Under a House in China

In a rather remarkable discovery, Chinese archaeologists excavated nearly 300,000 pieces of ancient coins that weighed 5.6 tons. The ancient currency was found under a common residential home in Fuliang County located in the province of Jiangxi, China.

The coins were first found by a local Chacun villager while he was rebuilding his home. Archaeologists finished the excavation of the coins on Oct. 22, according to China Daily. Local villagers believe that these coins are 1,000 years old, and that they belonged to a landlord of the area.