Suspended High School Teen Who Asked Miss America to Prom Gets Unbelievable Offer from Brothel Owner

Image Courtesy of ABC News

Image Courtesy of ABC News

You may have heard by now about high school senior Patrick Farves who was suspended from his York, Pennsylvania high school after he asked Miss America Nina Davuluri out to prom while she was visiting his school. Pretty ridiculous, right? The kid has the balls to ask Miss America to prom and he gets punished. Well one particular brothel owner in Nevada took notice of Patrick’s courage on Facebook and decided to reward him with “bunnies.”

Dennis Hof, owner of the famous Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada, reached out to Farves with an offer he couldn’t refuse. Read Hof’s message to the high school teen:


And yes, Patrick did respond asking if this offer was real. I wonder if his parents will let him go. What do you guys think about this offer?

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