Study: Your Marriage is Doomed For Failure Unless You Do the Following

In a society where divorce rates are high, many would opt to avoid marriage after looking at all the financial and emotional heartaches that come with it. But wouldn’t it be great to prevent getting even close to the thought of divorce altogether? According to research at Emory University, there are definitive factors that lead to higher chances of divorce.

The Study

Researchers Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon studied 3,000 married couples in the U.S. to find factors that predict divorce. They analyzed income, the importance of attractiveness to each partner, wedding attendance, age gap between the partners and other metrics to determine the outcome. Their studies were visualized by Randal S. Olson.

Here’s What They Found


Date longer: Couples who dated for at least three years before getting engaged were 30 percent less likely to get a divorce compared to those who dated less than a year before getting engaged.


Make good money: Couples who made more than $125,000 a year together are 51 percent less likely to get divorced.


Go to church: Couples who attend church regularly are 46 percent less likely to get divorced.


Don’t be superficial: Men who wanted hotter partners were 50 percent more likely to get divorced and women who are gold diggers are 60 percent more likely to get divorced.


Have a large wedding: Invite everyone and their moms. Hell, invite even the people you hate. Pack that shit!


Keep the wedding cheap: People spend way too much on weddings anyways. You’re better off saving the money for better uses.


Go on the honeymoon: Why would you even think of skipping it anyways? Use the money that you would of spent on a lavish wedding and put it into throwing a spectacular honeymoon for you are your new spouse.


Have the same education level as your spouse: You want to understand each other and have conversations on the same level as your partner.


Have children: Particularly AFTER you get married.

olson marriage

Don’t be a cradle or grave robber: The smaller the age gap of the couple, the less they are to get divorced.

*Bonus: Make sure your engagement ring costs this much

Feature image via E Online. 

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