Startup SWAV Creates Victoria’s Secret For Men

A stroll in front of a Victoria’s Secret store may fill most guys’ heads with Brazilian models, but an entrepreneur would be thinking underwear innovation.  That’s exactly what CEO Anthony Ferraro thought when he created SWAV underwear for men, a new line of high-tech sports and luxury underwear that is breaking into the market to win the loyalty of men everywhere like a boss.  SWAV underwear uses NASA Outlast Technology, a comfortable material that keeps you warm when you are cold or cools you off when you get too hot while keeping you dry for days.  And it’s not that a guy should wear his underwear for days, but he can without feeling all swamp-assy by the end.  We got the chance to chat with SWAV over email about their new exciting product with some hints that women could also be clad in NASA tech in the near future.

Tell us a little on how SWAV started, how you created your start-up and how you came up with your idea.

CEO Anthony Ferraro came up with the original idea of “the Victoria’s Secret for Men” during a personal shopping experience when looking for underwear. Not only was it the fact that  Victoria’s Secret has high quality products and a respected brand image, the company internationally distributes bras and underwear products in their own stores. We believe that there is not a superior brand for men, and we want to change the shopping experience for these products.

Tell us about your product.  How is it different from underwear now?

SWAV looks to be the leaders in underwear innovation. Firstly, we have hand selected our fabrics to support you with comfort and functionality throughout the day. Going from work or school, into the gym, the same product could be worn without damaging or wear and tear to our product. No longer do men have to change from underwear into compression short when going to exercise. We selected a specialized waistband that is durable and comfortable as well, with the attractive SWAV logo and design (not another man’s name around our waist, ex. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy John) .

What are the coolest features of the underwear?  It looks like you have a sports and luxury line, tell us about those.

One of our coolest features is the NASA patented technology in our garment that reacts with your body temperature. Simply cooling down when your body is hot, and heating you up when you are cold. Second in the patented design of our slip pocket which sits perfectly on the hip to secure any belongings during activity. The easy access fly is also revolutionary as far as underwear flies go.

We made a Performance line and Luxury line because through product testing and customer surveys, we find that men as consumers have different preferences for these products. Some prefer the athletic feel of compression throughout the day, while some desire the comfort of Luxury briefs.


What about women’s underwear?  Are you developing other products?

Because we have heard a demand from the female demographic, we are currently working on women’s spandex shorts and yoga pants. We are also looking to begin production on our socks and undershirts in the near future.

How do you see the future of SWAV?

We want to be the ‘go-to’ under apparel for men who are working hard day in & day out. Whether you are going for the gold in the office, classroom, basketball court, at dinner with a beautiful woman…wherever; SWAVs will be IDEAL. Right now it’s just underwear, but the future of socks, undershirts, & women’s gear sure looks interesting.

With a week more to go, SWAV has crowdfunded almost $36,000 of their $46,695 goal.  Check them out on Kickstarter and at!

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