Start Crying Now: This Painting Sold for $44 Million

Feast your eyes on the most expensive line you’ve ever seen- and it’s only a line of paint.


Abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman’s masterpiece, “Onement VI,” was created in 1953. The 8.5’ x 10’ painting sold at Sotheby’s auction for $43.8 million. A simple light blue line on a dark blue background just sold for enough money to buy eighty 2014 Lamborghini Aventadors at an MSRP of $550,000. Don’t worry, we all hate our lives right now.

Sadly, Barnett, who died in 1970, won’t ever see a penny from his painting. What’s even more painful about this story is that it was billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who made the killing here. Because a toddler could have created this “work of art,” we give Paul Allen the Best Con Man of the Century Award.

H/T: EliteDaily

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