Sadako from ‘The Ring’ joins survival horror game ‘Dead By Daylight’ shortly after becoming a YouTuber

  • Sadako Yamamura, the Japanese horror icon from the 1998 film “Ringu,” has been added to the roster of brutal killers in the online survival game “Dead by Daylight.”
  • “Dead by Daylight” dropped the official trailer for its “Sadako Rising” chapter on YouTube today.
  • Sadako previously launched her own official YouTube channel “貞子の井戸暮らし,” in which she displays her typical “teenage girl” sides, as part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming “Sadako DX” movie.
  • In her videos, she gives viewers a tour of her house and shares a clip of the time she threw her first pitch at a baseball game.

The multiplayer online survival game “Dead by Daylight” has introduced Japanese horror icon Sadako Yamamura in its latest chapter.

The game’s Chapter 23, “Sadako Rising,” is based on the 1998 Japanese horror film “Ringu.” Sadako joins an expanding roster of killers along with its latest survivor, Yoichi Asakawa, who is inspired by the character Yoko Asakawa, also from “Ringu.”

The action horror game, in which four players act as survivors while one player takes on the role of a killer, also dropped an official trailer for “Sadako Rising” today. 

“With immense powers and a fearsome temper, Sadako was left to perish in a watery grave. Her violent wrath manifested into a cursed videotape, condemning its viewers to a chilling fate,” reads the trailer’s description. “After losing his father to Sadako’s fury, new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa grew up to become a respected marine biologist. Yet he remained haunted by his past, ready to risk everything for answers – no matter how dark the waters.

On March 5, days before the announcement of her addition to “Dead by Daylight,” Sadako launched her own official YouTube channel. Her channel “貞子の井戸暮らし,” which translates to “Sadako’s Life In A Well,” is a promotional campaign for the upcoming “Sadako DX” movie, which will premiere in Japan this fall. 

In her debut video, Sadako introduces herself in a more casual setting by giving viewers a tour of her house and says she wants her YouTube channel to show off her “teenage girl” side. In one of her latest videos, she shares a clip of the time she threw her first pitch at a baseball game. 

Subscribers can continue to look forward to various types of content from the not-so-typical-teen, who will engage in a variety of activities on video, from playing video games and cooking food to Q&A segments.   

Sadako is based based on the onryō, a vengeful Japanese ghost whose legends trace back to the eighth century.

Featured Images via 貞子の井戸暮らし (left), Dead by Daylight (right)

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