Introverts Rejoice! This Restaurant in Amsterdam Forces Customers to Eat Alone


We live in a society where it’s awkward to eat at a nice restaurant alone. It seems like you must eat with someone or risked being labeled a “loner.”

Well thanks to two companies in Amsterdam, that problem is now solved. Design agencies Van Goor and Vandejong have teamed up to create Eenmaal, the world’s first restaurant that only allows customers to eat alone (Keith Ferrazzi would be pissed!). The name Eenmaal is a Dutch word that means both “one time” and “one meal.” The restaurant features 10 tables for individuals only, so taking anyone here to socialize is completely out of the question.

The brainchild of this restaurant is Marina van Goor, who is a designer that focuses on projects with social impact. In an interview with Ozy, she said:

“We wanted to break the very recognizable taboo of eating out alone. I noticed that in our society, there is actually no room for being alone in public spaces,” she explains. “Being a pop-up allows us to give a wider audience the chance to try it.”

What’s interesting about this restaurant is that it doesn’t even have a set location. It changes constantly and usually sets up in vacant shop spaces with large front windows, providing minimal decoration to avoid distractions. Additionally, customers are asked to not use their smartphones and are instead encouraged to read a book or magazine.


What kind of food do they serve here you ask? Eenmaal provides a set menu crafted by chef Leslie Dronker, who likes picking organic and locally sourced ingredients for her dishes. The price including drinks and the four-course meal comes out to $50.


Eenmaal’s popularity has grown tremendously since its debut last summer. Their website mentions that they are looking to expand to London, Berlin, and New York as well.

Would you eat at Eenmaal? Make some noise in the comments below!

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