YouTuber Welcomes Peaceful Protest But Will Use 2nd Amendment Against Looters


A conservative Vietnamese YouTuber made a video expressing his support for the peaceful protests but plans to use the Second Amendment against those who cause trouble in his community.

Dressed in a jean jacket and equipped with a rifle, Tran Nhat Phong warned “looters, rioters, and terrorists” about coming into Westminster, California, and told them to get out in a video posted on Facebook on June 5.

“They [the looters and rioters] hijack the peaceful protests, [from] the people who raise the voice of justice for George Floyd,” he said. “They’re looting our business, burning our building, and beating our people.”

Tran operates the Tran Nhat Phong (TNP) YouTube channel which has more than 221,000 subscribers. He also has a website called

Peaceful protests across the U.S. are being held following the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who was killed by police officers in Minneapolis in late May.

Since the fatal incident, many people, including those who support the Black Lives Matter movement, took to the streets to protest against the police brutality.

Protesters are also demanding justice for other victims, including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and several others.

For the looters and rioters, Tran closed, “We are ready.”

Feature Image via Tran Nhat Phong Channel

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