Primary School in China has Unusual 28 Sets of Twins as Students

It’s hard enough for a school teacher to keep up with one set of twin students, but imagine having to deal with multiple sets of twins and triplets.

A primary school in Hubei, China reportedly has 28 sets of twins and the school is just as baffled as everyone else. To make things more interesting, the school recently requested twins to come to school in identical clothes for a group photograph.

If it’s not obvious enough, telling each set the siblings apart is a difficult feat. The Grade 3 in particular has 8 sets of twins plus another count for triplets.

A rural village in Chongqing made a record of 39 sets of twins last year. Meanwhile a Henan primary school had 32 sets of twins in 2014 and a school in Wuhan had 10 pairs of twins in just one class. according Shanghaiist.

So far, no one has been able to explain why this phenomenon strangely occurs in Central China. For the meantime, Hubei teachers just need to adjust to seeing doubles or triples.

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