Prepare Yourself! There’s a Coffee Shortage Coming


If you love coffee, you better stock up on beans now because your wallet is only going to suffer later. The price of coffee has been steadily rising for months now and the latest forecasts show it’s only going to get worse.

Fungal outbreaks and drought are killing off the most recent coffee harvests, and the only thing to really blame is climate change. Leo Lombardini, the deputy director of World Coffee Research, recently told Fast Company:

“If things continue like this, maybe 50 years from now, we’ll all be tea drinkers… I don’t know if it’ll happen that quickly. But it could be 100 years.”

If that doesn’t convince you, check out the graph below. Prices are surely at a steady high from last year.

While there are some coffee plants that might weather the coming storm, the best and currently most popular coffee that comes from Arabica beans will become even more precious.

Better stock up on the good stuff now if you want to weather the dreadful coffee famine.

Source: Mic

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