Legendary ‘Pokemon Go’ Grandpa Gets Hired By Asus to Be a Phone Ambassador

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Remember that super awesome, legendary Taiwanese grandpa who roams the streets on his bike filled with smartphones, playing “Pokemon Go”? Well, he has now found a new gig as Asus’ phone ambassador.

The 70-year-old grandpa, Chen San-yuan, has been named an Asus phone ambassador for the Taiwanese company’s ZenFone line of smartphones. Chen also appeared during the company’s press conference last month to talk about their phones, according to Mashable.

Chen started his journey to become a Pokemon Master back in 2016 when the augmented reality (AR) game from Niantic Labs, “Pokemon Go,” first came out. He was then spotted in 2018 riding his bike filled with smartphones by passers-by, which immediately caught their attention.

At the time, he only had nine smartphones – all playing “Pokemon Go” simultaneously – strapped to his bike. But just this month, he was spotted once again, and it appears the legendary master has evolved and harnessed even more phones – he now has a total of 23 phones attached to his bike.

It turns out that the latest appearance of the legendary “Pokemon Go” grandpa was part of a promotion, as claimed by Mashable. It was to promote the company’s Asus ZenFone Max Pro’s battery capacity and the capabilities of its Global Positioning System (GPS).

While many play the game as a past time, Chen uses it as a means to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and to keep him active.

Featured images via Twitter / @SCMcrocodile

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