Piglet Born With a Monkey Face is Shocking Everyone in China

A piglet born with a face resembling that of a monkey has been attracting locals in China.

The mutant animal was among 15 piglets born on a farm in Guizhou Province on December 3. Interestingly, it was one of the eight that survived, NetEase reported.

According to the outlet, experts speculate environmental pollution as one cause of the piglet’s genetic mutation.

With its protruding tongue and other deformities, the piglet relies on bottle feeding.

The piglet is taken care of by a farmer named Lin.

Apparently, mutant piglets have been thriving on China’s countryside for some time. In June, one was born with two heads and three eyes, Shanghaiist recalled.

There’s also one with two faces and three ears.

Another has two mouths and two noses.

You may not be among the most interesting breeds of animals, but live long, little guy.

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