People are Pissed That BTS is Called the ‘Biggest Boy Band in the World’

BTS has officially begun their media circuit after arriving in Los Angeles on November 14, appearing on American television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden. Both Kimmel and Corden introduced the K-pop cuties as the “most popular” and “biggest” band in the world — much to the chagrin of One Direction fans everywhere.

Even though the British sensation has long since disbanded, there are diehard fans all around the world who took issue with the notion that any band could be bigger than their bias. In retaliation, they took to twitter to get the hashtag #1DisStillTheBiggestBoyband” trending.

Directioners expressed their love for their favorite band alongside some disdain for their Korean counterparts.

ARMYs responded in kind:

Ultimately, the discussion turned towards pleas for loving and accepting both groups as unique and talented bands, hoping to diffuse the fighting between Directioners and ARMYs.

What do you think? Is One Direction the biggest boy band, or has BTS usurped their thrones? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image via Twitter / (Left): love_1Dbot | (Right): MTV

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