People are Now Doing the #LilTayChallenge on Twitter

With the recent reports exposing what actually goes behind the videos of nine-year-old social media phenomenon Lil Tay, one would think the people making money off her would simply call it quits out of shame.

But like a tumor that just wouldn’t die, her management team (mom Angela Tian, brother Jason Tian, social media advisors Diomi “I Eat P*ssy” Cordero, and ex-convict, Alex Goller Gelbard) seems to not run out of gimmicky ideas to keep the buzz going for the foul-mouthed youngster.

Over the weekend, Lil Tay’s Twitter account started an online challenge asking her followers to make videos mimicking her style of “flexing.” With the promise of being retweeted/reposted on Instagram, her followers did their best Lil Tay impersonation.

In her recent interviews, the foul-mouthed youngster was caught lying multiple times as she doubled down on her claims of wealth and Harvard education.

Her camp has stated that her entire schtick of hurling expletives while throwing cash, bragging about branded goods, luxury homes and expensive cars were all her idea. A video would later surface online showing Jason coaching his little sister on what to say on camera.

Until the internet gets tired 0f the novelty of obnoxious brats, this modern-day child abuse disguised as an online “career” is expected to churn out more questionable antics from the shady characters behind the young girl.

Featured image via Instagram / (Left): liltay | Twitter / (Right): trendychallenge

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