People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Then They Discovered an Unfortunate Truth about Their Customers

This short story, found on The Meta Picture, is from a restaurant that’s been in business for a decade. Ten years ago, business was great and they were highly rated, but today, despite having the same amount of customers as before, they are receiving terrible reviews. Trying to solve the mystery of their poor performance, they hired a firm to figure out why people weren’t happy with their service. What they found is a really unfortunate truth and an almost disgusting facet of our society today.

Read their findings below and hopefully you never become like one of their customers.



Blissfully unaware, the added routine of customers being on their phones, delaying the process of taking orders,  and taking up unnecessary time of each server caused delays in food service on all fronts, resulting in the bad reviews. It all boils down to a simple lesson in manners that we’ve all forgotten- no phones at the dinner table.

H/T: IJReview

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