People in China Are Stripping Naked in Public and Renting Out Their Girlfriends For an iPhone 6

It’s no secret that the iPhone 6 has been a hot commodity. Although the new iPhone is simply a bigger screen and upgraded hardware compared to it’s predecessor, that hasn’t stopped people from going above and beyond to get their hands on the device.

This past weekend, a women was seen streaking through the streets of LiuZhou, China. Why, you ask? Because her “friends” promised to buy her a brand new iPhone 6 if she were to strip naked and run a lap around the city. How classy.


In another story, a male student at Songjiang University in Shanghai was seen two days before the iPhone 6 launch on campus holding a sign that read “Girlfriend Sharing.”



Here were the price listings:

RMB10 per hour ($1.80 USD)

RMB50 for one day ($8.16 USD)

RMB500 for a monthly package ($81.63 USD)

However, there were some rules:

Including but not limited to: eating together, studying together, saving seats, playing games, three-person dates…

Going Dutch while on dates

No OOXX included!

He also was classy enough to include the vital stats of his girlfriend.

20140917_PN_GFSHARE_06Is the iPhone 6 worth this much to you? Make some noise in the comments below!

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