The Billionaire Creator of ‘Minecraft’ Reveals the Depressing Side Effect of Success

Many people are set on the idea that money, fame and success will make them happy. Young entrepreneurs often think making it big means inventing a product people love and then selling it for billions. It’s easy to mistake such success with life satisfaction, but “Minecraft” founder Markus Persson reveals it isn’t what many people might imagine it to be.

Swedish video game programmer Markus Persson, also known as “Notch,” sold “Minecraft” to Microsoft neary a year ago for $2.5 billion. Instead of joining Microsoft after the sale, Persson went on to live in the lap of luxury. He purchased a $70 million Beverly Hills mansion equipped with a giant wall of dispensable candy, a 16-car garage and a huge infinity pool.

He is known to host wild parties and rub elbows with the likes of celebrity guests and DJs including Zedd, Selena Gomez and Skrillex. However, even at these parties filled with crowds of friends and famous people, Persson reveals he has never felt more alone.

A series of tweets from Persson and spotted by Business Insider, however, tells of the isolation and loneliness brought on by his extraordinary success. Even though it seems like he has everything he would ever want, he doesn’t seem to find his life fulfilling.

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