New Technology Lets You Unlock Movies On Your Devices With Beer

Russian design studio Heads & Hands is partnering with Grolsch beer for a new promotion strategy- you can now unlock movies on any Bluetooth device by happily tapping it with a beer.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The app is sensibly called “Movie Unlocker” and it was created by this guy, app developer and CEO of Heads & Hands Aleksandr Semenov.

alexandr semenov

First, you get a beer- for now, the promotion is only through Dutch brewer Grolsch.


 Download the app, choose a movie, and tap your beer to your computer.

beer computer

Or any other Bluetooth device…

beer phone

And a Bluetooth beacon in your beer will unlock the movie for free.

beer bluetooth

Each bottle contains a unique code that is read just by being close to your device- gone are the days of entering those annoying codes. This might just be the best, and safest, alcoholic game changer next to the alcohol vaporizer.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the American beer market has in store for this concept. What would you like your beer to unlock for you?

Source: NextGlass

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