New Study: Your Smartphone is Making You More Tired Than You Should Be


A new study from the National Sleep Foundation shows that the vast majority of children and adults leave at least one electronic device on while they sleep, which can prevent the body from producing the hormone that induces sleep.

An average of 75 percent of children and 89 percent of adults in America are leaving electronic devices on in their rooms while they sleep, and it negatively affects the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for setting your sleep cycle.

The blue light emitted from our smart devices interrupts and dramatically reduces the body’s ability to enter the natural sleep cycle; receiving a text or just checking the time on your phone is enough to derail your sleep.

The graph below details the types of electronic distractions in the bedroom; unsurprisingly, more children leave their devices on at night than adults:

graoh 1

The kids that did leave their devices off while they slept received almost an hour more of sleep.

graph 2

In terms of sleep quality, data consistently shows that when devices are “always off/not in room,” children more often go “excellent” sleep and less “fair or poor sleep.”

grpah 3

Studies have shown that Americans (especially young Americans) aren’t getting enough sleep, which is unfortunate since sleep is undeniably important for maintaining a healthy brain, lowering stress and being able to function well throughout the day.

Try keeping your devices off and stop trying to fall asleep with old reruns of shows on Netflix for a week or two. Your quality of sleep might just increase so much that you’ll make it a permanent rule.

Source: Mic Image via DailyMail

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