New Study: Not Sleeping Makes Your Brain Dirty


In the life of a busy entrepreneur, sleep is sometimes a luxury that is often overlooked because tending to a startup sometimes means throwing your body and mind on the line for success.  We all know what happens as a result- we can’t focus, our work gets messy, and we end up feeling like hammered shit.  A recent new study now tells us what exactly happens to our brains when we don’t sleep.

In an article by Mashable, Michael Howell, a neurologist at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, shares a bit about what our brains go through when we are sleep deprived.  Some of the points we’ve heard before, some are interesting.  But if you want to think of it in business terms, one thing is for sure- getting the right amount of sleep is always a great long term investment.  By now we aren’t strangers to all-nighters, power naps, coffee and energy drinks, but none of these can fully replace a good night’s rest.  It’s common knowledge that driving while sleepy is basically the same as driving wasted, but what else does a lack of sleep do to us? Here are three things you may not know about not sleeping.

1. All work and no sleep makes Jack a fat boy.

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According to Howell, sleep deprivation can lead to dementia and early death, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  For us superficial millennials, this means we age faster, our metabolism dies, and we end up making pretty dumb decisions.  Don’t be a joker and get some sleep.

2. Bueller? Bueller? Beuller?


Howell shares that when you don’t sleep, your brain isn’t getting enough blood in the frontal lobe, your brain waves start slowing down, and we start thinking like dumb teenagers again.  Unless you’re as gangster as Ferris Beuller, you can’t run a business with a high schooler’s brain.

3. Jiffy Lube of the Brain.


As our brains are active during the day, gunk starts to build up due to normal use.  When we sleep, cerebrospinal fluid collects all the bad stuff, flushes out our brain, and then goes to the liver to be cleaned out so that by the time we wake up again, it’s like out brain got an oil change. Hmm, new startup idea? Brain cleaning? Profit?

 Source: Mashable

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