New Study Finds That Money Literally Makes You Cold



A new study may offer the real reason behind why Mark Zuckerberg is always wearing a hoodie.

New research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science finds that the concept of money makes people feel physically cold, reports Pacific Standard.

Leonie Reutner, University of Basel psychologist and lead author of the study, writes:

“The metaphor of money inducing a cold heart holds some literal truth.”

In one of the study’s experiments, 40 participants were placed their hands in bowls filled with either currency or colored paper slips. They were then asked to estimate the room’s ambient temperature, along with its ceiling height and other measurements.

Those who had put their hands in the cash-filled bowls “gave significantly lower estimates of room temperature,” the researchers write. “Money did not affect any of the other estimates.”

In a second experiment, the team of researchers found that participants who had touched money perceived water to be warmer than a control group who had touched paper slips.

As the Standard’s Tom Jacobs puts it, “Perhaps there’s a reason we refer to it as cold, hard cash.”

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