New Startup Called ManServants Aims to Provide What Every Woman Really Wants


There’s a new startup growing in San Francisco called ManServants and it’s exactly what it sounds like except it’s not an escort service and it’s not a joke.

Their short video explains it all; it looks like a hilarious parody, but trust us, this is the real deal:

Founders Dalal Khajah and Josephine Wai Lin, two ladies who are advertising copywriters at agency AKQA, created ManServants as an alternative to the typical mail stripping service you would see at bachelorette parties. Rather than the vulgar penis-in-your-face dance a male stripper would normally provide ladies, the founders sought to create a refined service with class and practical application for what women really want- to be pampered and delicately waited on like queens.

According to Mashable, Khajah explained that:

“It’s completely PG… We have a very strict code of conduct and a very rigorous training process.”

So strict in fact that it’s a written rule that: “A ManServant keeps his penis in his pants and out of the lady’s face.”

According to some of the stories from the startup’s test phase, one woman asked for a “sassy gay best friend” who could give her some marriage advice. Another woman just wanted a bodyguard at her office to screen her visitors.

However, the best one so far goes to the woman who wanted to be served food while the manservant sang songs from The Little Mermaid (songs reportedly cost extra according to the company’s website).

I’m pretty sure no one is going to buy the whole no-sex/no escort part, and if I’m honest, this startup will fuel many daydreams to come.

So I have just one question: Is ManServants currently hiring interns?

Source: Mashable

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