Shocking New Research Reveals Why Your Millennial Coworker Can’t Be Trusted

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Attention Gen-Y- trust no one because we are basically the most selfish and greedy generation ever. Linkedin recently conducted a survey of 11,500 people worldwide and found an alarming statistic in regards to millennials in the workplace.

68% of millennials said they would kill a friendship if it meant getting a promotion. On the other hand, 62% of baby boomers (age 55 – 65) said they would never even consider such a thing. With the added fact that millennials have no loyalty to the jobs they work, it’s pretty much official that we give zero f*cks for anyone or anything else but ourselves and our success.

The survey also suggests that many millennials see work friendships as purely functional: one-third of those surveyed said they “think socializing with colleagues helps them move up the career ladder,” compared with only 5 percent of boomers.

On one hand, can you blame us? More of us than ever have gone to college during a time where there are fewer jobs than ever. The climb to the top is now kill or be killed, because killing is pretty much an easier alternative to finding a job now. But if we can’t trust one another or work together, the little wisdom I have tells me we are doomed to fall apart. What’s the lesson here? Find great partners to work with because successful teams will always always ALWAYS be stronger than the one guy working for himself.

h/t: EliteDaily via Business Week

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