Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals Just How Broke You Are Compared to Bill Gates

We all know that Bill Gates is extremely rich. However, Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn’t believe that we know exactly how rich he really is, so he ‘s here to give us some perspective.

During his speech back in 2011 at the University of Washington, Neil imagined the amount of loose change he would have to see on the street in order for it to be worth his time to stop and pick it up. The amount that he came up with was 25 cents or more. So he then asked:  “How much money has to be laying in the street for Bill Gates to be too busy to pick it up?”

Lets stop here and have everyone reading this think of a number. When you find out the exact amount after watching the video, you are welcome to cry in the corner like I did.

Lastly, if you want another reminder of how poor you are, this talk was three years ago when Bill Gates was worth $50 billion, he is currently worth about $77 billion according to Forbes.

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