Michael Jackson’s Kids Get an $8 Million Yearly Allowance. This is What They Ball Out On

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These days, it’s good to be a Jackson. The children of the late and legendary King of Pop have seen an increase in their yearly allowance due to the family estate growing in value from a heavy $5 million dollars to $8 million dollars. This allowance is shared between all three children which include Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12. So how do the three children of Michael Jackson spend their money? Several sources, including family friend Marc Schaffel, reveal how they take advantage of their inheritance.

The oldest, Prince, has spent $50,000 on custom jewelry for three of his (overly?) lucky girlfriends, $40,000 on a Ford pick-up truck, and plans to save as much as he can to buy back his father’s Neverland Ranch from creditors which currently stands at $35 million.

Paris Jackson, who has experienced her share of personal challenges over the past year, spends her money on friends, buying shoes and athletic gear, and attends a therapeutic boarding school after her suicide attempt last year which costs in the six-figures.

The youngest Jackson known as Blanket takes his cousins out to expensive restaurants and nights out to movies, dropping around $500 every night plus tips. Blanket also spends $200 dollars an hour for karate lessons and a personal trainer.

All three children also take around three vacations a year, spending up to $350,000 for first-class airfare to Hawaii where they stay in a suite that costs $5,500 a night- don’t forget security. When in Vegas, they typically rent out the Bellagio’s suite which goes for $5000 a night.

Are you surprised at how they spend their money? I could easily do more damage if I had $8 million a year. Apparently, they are still more fiscally responsible than their late father who would drop almost $100,000 to impress Macaulay Culkin just to hang out with him. That’s not weird at all.

Source: Yahoo

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