Man in China Caught on Video B‌e‌at‌ing Di‌sa‌ble‌d Father in Hospital Ward

A video of a man ver‌bally and ph‌ysi‌cally ab‌u‌si‌n‌g his father by slapping him at a hospital ward in China caused massive outrage on social media.

The incident was recorded at the Pingshan County People’s Hospital ward in northern China’s Hebei province at about 10 a.m. on Saturday.

It shows the man, identified only as Li, violently hitting his 63-year-old father who was admitted to the hospital on June 26 after suffering high blood pressure and a brain hemorrhage., according to ThePaper.

Hospital staff immediately rushed inside the ward to stop the f‌ight‌in‌g. The elderly man did not sustain any injuries, the Daily Mail reported.

He was sent home the next day and was accompanied by his daughter, who was his main caretaker at the hospital. The elderly father was supposed to be discharged from the hospital after treatmenton Saturday when the incident happened.

In a WeChat post, the Pingshan pol‌ic‌e department confirmed that they located Li in his home at 2 a.m. on Sunday and brought him to the station for further inve‌stiga‌tion. It is still unclear why the son started verbally and physi‌ca‌lly a‌b‌us‌i‌ng his father.

Netizens expressed their anger over Li’s actions at the hospital.

The man is going to regret this when his own son treats him the same way,” one Weibo user said.

What a cruel person. Such an embarrassment to Pingshan,” another user wrote.

Images via ThePaper

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