The Main Cast For Aladdin Has Been Announced And It’s Not Emma Stone And Matt Damon

Aladdin Main Cast

Good news, everyone!

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The main cast for “Aladdin” has been announced and everything went better than expected. No, Guy Ritchie didn’t pretend to shop around for racially correct actors before settling on Ryan Gosling or Scarlett Johansson — insane, right?

And while Disney didn’t take our suggestions for “Aladdin”, we’re confident their top pick will do the role justice.

Meet Mena Massoud, A.K.A the new Aladdin!

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He’s a relative newcomer to the acting scene, with mostly TV series credits to his name like Open Heart and The 99. But he’s ready, willing, and honored to do the job, and we’re so here for this!


I mean, look at him. He’s perf.

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And we’re totally feeling the Aladdin vibes here.

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Next we have the lovely leading lady, Naomi Scott, who will be playing Princess Jasmine!

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But everyone probably knows her better as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger from the 2017 Power Rangers Movie.

🙅🏻 See you at @comic_con . #pinkpowerranger #kimberlyhart

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Scott grew up in the U.K. with a British/Scottish father and a Gujarati (Indian) mother.

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Waaaaaaaay better than Emma Stone or ScarJo.

Naomi G Scott

Last but not least, we have the wacky, wish-granting blue bestie, Genie. In the original movie, Genie was voiced by the late Robin Williams, who sadly passed away from suicide in 2014.

Robin Williams Genie

Disney decided to cast another voice to give life to Genie’s character. And while no one can ever truly replace the beloved Williams’ absolute magic, the reality is that they needed a new voice if they were to add Aladdin to their growing live-action library.

And that new voice is certainly causing a commotion — Will Smith.

Will Smith

The internet has gone wild.


Overall, everyone has been very pleased with this casting, although some eyebrows have been raised over Scott’s mixed/non-Middle Eastern heritage.

But there are just as many people rushing to her defense as well.

At any rate, we’re very here for this movie and cannot wait until it releases!

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