Filipino Woman Who Loved Torturing Little Girls to Death on Camera Finally Arrested

Philippine media has dubbed her “Savage Girl”, yet her title still feels lacking in describing the monstrosity hidden behind her rather innocent-looking facade.

After being on the run, evading 16 pending arrest warrants for almost two years, 23-year-old Liezyl Margallo finally fell into the hands of local authorities, Inquirer reported.

A notorious child trafficker, Margallo allegedly helped run an international cyber-pornography trade along with her cohort and romantic partner, Australian Peter Gerard Scully, dubbed Australia’s worst pedophile.

Scully was previously arrested by the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) back in early 2015.


Margallo is now facing criminal charges for luring female homeless children, who were forced to perform abhorrent sexual acts while being recorded on video. Her demented methods included torture and in one instance, led to the death of one of the kids.

On Wednesday afternoon, agents of the NBI caught up to “Savage girl” as she was strolling along the shoreline of Malapascua Island in Cebu.

Authorities revealed that Scully and Margallo conspired in convincing poor kids in Mindanao to go with them.

In one video retrieved by the Dutch police, a naked one-year-old baby girl was shown hanging upside down, hands tied and her legs parted. As the infant cried, a masked older woman later identified as Margallo, was seen torturing and sexually assaulting her.

To muffle her cries, the baby’s lips were covered with duct tape. She was repeatedly whacked with a belt by Margallo. Hot wax from a melted candle was also poured on her private parts.


The video clip featured at least nine children in total. NBI describes the disturbing footage as the worst that the agency has ever come across.

Eight of the children were rescued back in 2015 while one child, aged 12, was discovered to be dead, her remains found in Scully’s apartment in Surigao City.

The rescued kids are now under the custody of the country’s Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Authorities also found and rescued two other victims in a separate police operation.

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