These Pictures of ‘Wu Assassins’ Star Lewis Tan Will Highkey Get You Pregnant

“Wu Assassins” finally streams on Netflix today, ending the long (and likely arduous) wait for Lewis Tan fans — us included — for his latest dreamboat of a character.

Tan, who recently spoke about his casting with NextShark, has been posting bits about the show for a while, describing it as a “powerful story of identity, destiny and family.”

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The 32-year-old, best known for his role as Gaius Chau in AMC’s “Into the Badlands,” will play the cocky Lu Xin Lee, whom he described as someone with “major identity issues.”

“The possibilities of this wild character and the violent gritty action style was alluring,” Tan told NextShark. “Lu Xin has major identity issues, deals with a lot of past trauma and covers it up with a flashy lifestyle, cocky attitude and making very risky choices. This is a common theme in life.”

“‘WU ASSASSINS.’ You know what to do with your weekend. We bleed for this show, to give you a story about identity, family and destiny. All while pushing the boundaries of action and fantasy. Thank you for waiting. ❤️available now worldwide. #WuAssassins @netflix” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

Tan’s description is all over initial teasers for Lu Xin Lee: a handsome, modern-day Asian American gangster.

Here are reasons why Tan is perfect for the role — and just why we love him so much:

1. He makes gangster classy AF.

“1/20 whips. August 8th, who’s riding with me? #WuAssassins @netflix” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

2. He’s got the bod for it.

“Preparing for my next role while dreaming of this freezing cold cenote… #Tulum #wuassassins #comingsoon” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

3. He eats healthy and trains hard to stay in shape for reasons beyond aesthetics.

“I train a lot, not for vanity purposes but because I love martial arts,” Tan told NextShark. “It is an integral part of my life, it helps balance my energy. I love being fluid and powerful, responsive and fast.”

“I eat as clean as possible and as balanced as possible. I try to know where my food and water is from, removing processed food and sugars from my diet almost completely, and again, I enjoy the way I feel so it isn’t much of a sacrifice.”

“‘To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.’ – Aristotle” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

4. Still, he knows when to have some fun.

“If I am on vacation or traveling and I see an amazing dessert or a fat-heavy food, I will eat it. It is important to be happy, let yourself live, but don’t overindulge. It is the same with all good things in life. Balance, but as far as being attractive goes, it is all in knowing yourself, embracing who you are and being kind — nothing more attractive than that.”

“Civilize the mind, make savage the body.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

5. He’s got his kung fu game together.

“I mix up my training with different styles: Muay Thai, boxing, weapons, kung fu, and sparring. I add in weight training, calisthenics, yoga, meditation, and full-body recovery.”

6. No one holds a gun this good.

“First look 🔥 Are you ready to see my new @netflix series #WuAssassins premiering August 8th.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

7. You’re gonna want to ride his bike.

“Where to next?” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

8. And maybe get to your dream vacation.

“Deep in a dream. #Italy #amalficoast #villaboheme” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

9. To take REALLY nice photos…

“Treasure hunting in the Brazilian desert.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial
“Live off the land. #Brasil #Whatyouknowaboutorganics.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial
“To the next adventure. Positano you were unforgettable. See you again soon. Thank you to the lovely hosts and now friends @villabohemepositano #amalficoast #Capri #Positano #Italy” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial
“All is full of love. Thank you @bluelagoonis for having me as a special guest I can’t quite find the words. #bluelagoon.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial
“Organic wine.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

10. You just feel safe when he’s around.

“Future classic.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

11. You see, he’s that uncle to count on.

“Teaching my niece how to deal with boys. #35mm by @hapahippiehawaii.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

12. He’s simply a phenomenal actor.

“I was really interested to explore new dynamics after being on such a genre-specific show and doing specialized Hong Kong-style action,” Tan said. “I sent in a tape I filmed in my kitchen eating noodles and had a long conversation with our showrunner John Wirth. After hearing his vision and passion, I had to be a part of it.”

“See the future. #WuAssassins @netflix.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

13. Who puts in the hours and actually cares about his work.

“Like every role, there is always preparation involved. Getting to understand the character, why he does what he does, his motivations, fears, desires and loves, then discovering how I can physically and emotionally embody it. I try new things, fail, try again until it connects and then finds its flow.”

“Draining day but nowhere else I’d rather be, thanks to a remarkable cast and crew. 🎬❤️ #wuassassins @netflix.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

14. Even better, he makes it a point to champion Asian representation.

“I am excited to be acting at times like this. I want to be remembered for good work and not just for working. I choose carefully and end up turning down a lot of offers. Legacy is my main intention.”

“Ascending to the sacred forest of Hakone, Japan with a backpack full of film and humans with the biggest hearts.” Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

15. And he’s changing how the world sees Asian men — for much better.

“There is a stereotype created long ago that Asian men are not attractive or masculine. Even recently, Steve Harvey made those comments on his show, in this modern time,” Tan said.I am happy to help break those lies and open up a new and more accurate way of thinking.”

Image via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

Alongside Tan, “Wu Assassins” stars Iko Uwais and Byron Mann.

Featured Images via Instagram / @lewistanofficial

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