We Need To Talk About Lewis Tan and That Mystery Role He Keeps Teasing

Ladies and gents, this is Lewis Tan.

He’s amazing.

And we love him.

So like everyone on this planet should, we follow him on Twitter, where he mysteriously revealed that he had been cast in a major role (but wouldn’t say what).

This was right in the middle of the “Hellboy” Whitewashing controversy, so many of us thought he’d landed the part of Ben Daimio…

…but when it was later revealed that Daimio went to Daniel Dae Kim, other roles seemed to be more plausible.

Cryptically, Tan tweeted again to say he was leaving Italy to begin shooting.

And some sleuthy netizens pointed out a potentially vital clue as to what his role could be:

Even we tried to get Tan to spill the beans, but his beautiful lips were sealed (even though senpai totally liked our tweet).

Since Tan wouldn’t divulge any information, we took it upon ourselves to see what role he could have possibly taken.

Judging by the location of his tweet, “Into The Badlands” does seem plausible, as season two was filmed in Ireland and season three has been confirmed for the same locationDaniel Wu himself is a fan of the area, previously indicating that they are very pleased with where they are now.

“I felt like the first season…we did short-change our audiences in that we talk about the world but we didn’t show it that much. The real reason behind that was because we were really limited by our location in New Orleans. It’s all swamp, swamp, and more swamp. So moving to Ireland really opened up the big views for us and allowed us to really do the world building that we talked about in season one. It’s just much more visually rich, and it’s like a movie more than it is a TV show.

“I give a lot of credit to Ireland for giving us the opportunity to make the show so much better. And obviously character development, storylines, and all that were also spiced up as well. We heard everything about what people said about season one and attacked those weaknesses.”

So while things are looking good for the “Into the Badlands” camp, mum’s still the word — both from Tan and the show — on whether or not he’s actually joined the team.

In an effort to leave no stone unturned, however, we decided to investigate the other possible roles fans hoped he had landed.

First up, the highly anticipated part from “Mulan” — while some fans are clamoring for him to play Captain Shang, Disney has expressly stated that Shang will not be the love interest; that part will instead be played by an original character named Chen Honghui. While even we are rooting for Tan to play Mulan’s love interest, we have to (sadly) admit that it doesn’t seem likely, as shooting has yet to begin on the project; additionally, Chen’s character is supposed to be a young, hotheaded upstart in his early 20s, while Tan is 30. We have no qualms with him taking the role, don’t get us wrong, it’s just that Disney seems to be stressing the importance of the youth of the character. Finally, the filming locations appear to be China and New Zealand, which are definitely not Dublin City, Ireland (we checked).

Next, Nightwing. Again, we’d be totally stoked for this one, but as far as the the “Titans” version of Nightwing, it’s already been cast. While there is a “Nightwing” movie rumored to drop eventually, it seems like it’s too soon to tell who will receive the titular role. Since Tan is clearly filming now, this one appears highly unlikely.

Lastly, Namor (the Sub-Mariner). We’d be down for this, but with complicated movie rights abound, it doesn’t look like its happening any time soon. Even if it was, Hawaii is hoping to be the location for the underwater action flick, not Ireland. And if we’re talking the Aquaman movie, Ireland doesn’t even make it on the location list — sorry, Namor fans!

So where are we placing our bets?

Based solely on the tweet location, we’d have to go with our gut — and our boy Daniel Wu — and say that he’s been accepted as a season three member of “Into the Badlands”.

What do you think? Are we onto something here, or do you think he’s been signed onto something else? Let us know in the comments!

(Especially let us know if your name is Lewis Tan).

Feature Image via Twitter / TheLewisTan

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