Twin K-Pop Backup Dancers Are So Hot, Fans Are Demanding They Debut As Celebs

A pair of twin back-up dancers is attracting the attention of the K-Pop community for their looks and skills. This is something unusual in K-Pop as fans rarely take their eyes off their idols.

Meet Kwon brothers Young Deuk and Young Don, dancers of YG Entertainment’s ‘Hi-Tech’ crew. For the uninitiated, they’re working under the same label managing Big BangBlack Pink and the recently-disbanded 2NE1.


In case it’s your first time hearing about the twins, know that they’ve somewhat been under the limelight already. Their photoshoot for ‘Madhatter’ underwear was one, but they were also interviewed by a magazine years ago.


Apparently, one fan couldn’t get enough of the brothers, sharing their photos in an online community. It turns out he/she started following the twins after seeing them perform for Akdong Musician, another YG talent.


The netizen posted (via allkpop):

“When your eyes get drawn to a backdancer in the back who looks more like a celebrity than your celebrity, it’s these two keke. I feel like [YG] CEO Yang probably didn’t leave these two alone.”

We’re not really sure what YG plans for them in the future, but it’s good to hear they’re getting some credit. Sometimes backdancers are life.


What do you think about Young Deuk and Young Don? Should YG give them a shot as celebs?

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