Excited Customers Wait 17 Hours in Massive Line For Jollibee’s London Opening

Over a thousand eager customers lined up 17 hours ahead of the opening of Jollibee’s first restaurant in London.


The biggest fast food chain in the Philippines made its official debut in the United Kingdom on October 20, opening its doors to many Filipino customers who have camped a day before the highly anticipated opening.


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Kababayans! #jollibeelive #jollibee #jollibeeuk

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Located in Earl’s Court, the London branch is Jollibee Food Corporation’s second in Europe after it opened one in Milan earlier this year. The popular Filipino chain now has over 1,200 branches worldwide.


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#jollibee #jollibeeUK #PMJollibee #pm21am we’re so happy finally 😌☺️

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Joining the queue of loyal Filipino patrons are some curious foreigners who are equally excited to be among the first to taste what the store has to offer.


Similar to other Jollibee branches outside the Philippines, the new store is expected to be hugely popular among Filipino migrants who miss the brand’s signature offerings such as the Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and the Yum Burger.


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Not sure what to order so just gonna *wing* it and ordered everything 💁 • Had the pleasure to try out Philippine’s most beloved fried chicken @jollibee.uk the day before launch so I didn’t have to fight the crowds for some JFC 💥 • *CHICKEN* – well fried, cripsy but not greasy at all like our famous chicken branch in UK 👀 Chicken was juicy and just the right amount of flavouring 🍗 • *SPAGHETTI* – served w/ meaty spaghetti sauce, hot dog slices and creamy grated cheese, it was surprisingly sweet! Asian culture tend to favour a sweeter taste to their food compared to the western culture. It wasn’t that cheesy as I anticipated either. My only thought in the spaghetti is that it’s different. But majority of people that tried it loved it so it’s definitely worth a try! 🍝 • *YUM BURGER* – LOVED this, it’s a very sweet version of a normal hamburger from McDs, I prefer the taste of it without the cheese (ordered both to try) 🍔 • *FRIES* – indifferent, just like normal fries 🍟 • *GRAVY* – thoroughly enjoyed the sauce, I dip my chicken in it for extra flavour 👅 • *MASH* – deliciously paired with the gravy 🥔 • *SWEETCORN* – Sweet 😄 • People are going Jollibee crazy, queuing up since 2/3am with tents and sleeping bags for the opening. Fans are also comparing their happiness to ‘birth of my kids’ 🤣

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Michael Sison, a balloon artist from Guildford, was the first person in the long line, arriving at the store at 3 p.m. with his friend a day before the opening, Rappler reports.

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For being the first customers in line, Sison and his friend each received a free Chickenjoy with rice, a Jollibee plush toy, a Jollibee backpack and a Funko Pop Jollibee figurine — one of the only 4,000 limited edition collectibles, according to JFC.


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The people went actually crazy when the @jollibee mascot came out! Full pandemonium

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“Lining up in the queue was really worth it,” Sison was quoted as saying.

Jollibee also offered the first 100 customers free Chickenjoy meals to celebrate the first-ever “National Chickenjoy Day.”


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#jollibeeuk #jollibee The line is loooong.

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Sison said he and his friend also made new friends with the other people they met who also queued overnight.

Dennis Flores, President and Head of Jollibee International Business for EMEAA told the Sun that the brand’s arrival in the UK is a “significant milestone.”

“We knew excitement was high among Filipinos and locals alike. We are even more thrilled with the level of buzz and excitement from the wider London community who have been queuing in their thousands to experience Jollibee for the first time,” he added.

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