K-Pop Idol Bashed Online After League of Legends Cosplay is ‘too revealing’


K-pop star Johyun of the girl band Berry Good, is facing backlash online after critics deemed her League of Legends cosplay as “too revealing.”

The singer was dressed as the fox character Ahri from League of Legends for OGN’s “Game Dolympic 2019: Golden Card” eSports event, according to South China Morning Post.

Image via South China Morning Post

Some took issue with the cosplay outfit, deeming it revealing or vulgar.

However, Berry’s Good label clarified with the public that the costume was provided by the event organizers themselves, according to AsiaOne.

Image via AllKPop

Johyun’s fans however, argued that she was just accurately portraying the character.

Image via AllKPop

After the backlash, Johyun took to her Instagram story to address the controversy and to thank her fans for their support.

“I’m also human and a regular Korean woman whose emotions and thoughts waver as a result of criticism and words of support,” she said.

“There are times where I look into the mirror and think of myself as a disappointment… But even if such difficult, complex thoughts and emotions get all mixed up until it’s hard to endure it, I still encourage myself on and fight against it. Receiving all of your warm encouragements has brought tears to my eyes without me even realizing it.. I want to sincerely say thank you.”

Feature image via South China Morning Post and Twitter / League of Legends (right)

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