Videos Show Japan Getting Pummeled By Its 24th Typhoon This Year

After making landfall on Saturday, Japan’s 24th typhoon of the year traveled on a path up the center of the mainland, almost reaching Tokyo.


Typhoon Trami, which immediately caused flash floods and rising swells when it first hit the southern island of Okinawa, hit a maximum speed of 216 kilometers (134 miles) per hour as it tore its way across Japan.


The Japanese government encouraged citizens to stay indoors and take shelter from the rain and strong winds ahead of Trami’s arrival.

The typhoon’s powerful force was captured by the images many Japanese netizens posted on social media, reports SoraNews24.

One video showed how the winds made it nearly impossible to walk outside during the storm.

Cranes on high-rise buildings were captured swinging about in the wind.

This view inside a carpark hints at the intense wind and rain battering the area outside.

After Okinawa, Trami traveled to the mainland, reaching Kagoshima on the southern island of Kyushu before noon on Sunday.

This image shows the flooded streets of Miyazaki prefecture.

Trami reached Wakayama Prefecture later in the day, prompting authorities to issue a warning to locals to “brace for extreme weather“ as the typhoon’s torrential rain and winds continued to bring mayhem along its path.

Trami caused damage to people’s homes and left hundreds of thousands without electricity in the affected areas.

When the typhoon finally made its way through Nagano Prefecture near Tokyo, the capital still felt its fierce winds, with some residents even claiming that it was the strongest typhoon they’d ever experienced.

By Monday morning, the storm left Japan’s area of responsibility, leaving the country with clear skies around the country.


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However, the damage brought about by Trami became more apparent around the country with images of damaged high-rise buildings emerging online.

According to news reports, the typhoon resulted in two deaths and approximately 120 injuries nationwide.


It was also reported that Japan will again be preparing for another typhoon set to hit the country next week.

Featured Image via YouTube / RT

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