Japan is Now Putting Stripper Poles in Apartments Because People Aren’t Having Sex

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A Tokyo real estate company is solving Japan’s baby-making problem by building “konkatsu” apartments with stripper poles aimed at encouraging sex, because according to the developer, a happy relationship means having a lot of sex.

Due to Japan’s economic woes, low employment rates and aging demographics, “konkatsu,” which means means “marriage hunting,” has become a trending term in Japan. The government is figuring out how to increase the marriage rates of younger people so that they can make more babies, thereby increasing the number of future taxpayers.

There are now konkatsu bars, government-sponsored konkatsu events and even konkatsu bus tours meant to target the more conservative groups within Japanese society. But one real estate company is taking a different angle.

Young Japanese people either stay at home with their parents because life is more comfortable that way, or they can’t find jobs because of Japan’s “lifetime employment” system. Young people can then only afford dingy little apartments, like the kind with a single burner and fluorescent lighting, and when they don’t have a nice place to bring someone back to, they don’t even try to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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But what if they could afford a stylish and modern apartment that has a few extras to set the mood? According to the Wall Street Journal:

“The project’s mastermind, Rintaro Kikuchi, says living in the airy pads makes people more relaxed and social, leading to new encounters. He isn’t shy about explaining some features, like a pole smack in the middle of his latest model’s living room. ‘You can’t ignore sex and make a house,’ he says.”

To build an apartment meant to “set the mood,” Kikuchi consulted a local “total adviser of sexuality” who identified herself only as “Olivia.” She is responsible suggesting a stripper pole, soundproofing the walls and putting a roomy bathtub right in the family room.

“A lot of Japanese women are shy and bad at using their sex appeal … By becoming their boyfriend’s ‘private pole dancer,’ I wanted them to be able to playfully enjoy their sex life together.”

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Having a nice place in a very social setting also has benefits beyond making it easier to hook up with people. Kikuchi explained:

“You sleep better, you wake up feeling refreshed, and you become more active … You smile more, and your skin looks better, and you are making lots of pheromones.”

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Kikuchi also believes that when couples stop having sex, their relationships fall apart. Having sex makes a marriage happier, and when your kids see that, it promotes good family values.

“It has an impact on children when they see the relationship between their parents deteriorate … They don’t see marriage or making a family as something happy.”

So what’s the key to landing in a happy marriage in Japan? A cool pad, a stripper pole and lots of sex.

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