Internet Explorer Gets Naughty with Stereotypical Asian Marketing


Who has blonde hair, big blue eyes, and wears a teasingly short Microsoft schoolgirl outfit? Her name is Inori Aizawa, an anime persona created by animation studio CACANi for Microsoft Singapore, and she is Internet Explorer’s newest marketing weapon to target Asian users.  And no, despite what we may all be thinking, this isn’t the over-thought creation of some lonely Internet Explorer obsessed artist.  Inori is the real deal.  She starred in her own intro video that Microsoft played at this year’s Anime Festival Asia.  Clad in a techy Sailor Moon outfit, a skirt that rides up oh-so-high, and covered in Microsoft logos and Internet Explorer hair clips, she fights off robots in a run-down technology city and gives us a glimpse of her homelife which looks like Hayao Miyazaki vomited Microsoft products.

But wait it gets better! She even has a Facebook page that tells us a bit about herself, which is almost actually exactly what you’d assume from her picture and cultural stereotype.  Her profile description gives us the impression that she’s shy and innocent and ready to… please?  In the same way as saying Internet Explorer is revamped with Inori and is ready to show us how it will… perform.

This kind of story might make some of us question who exactly went this deep into creating Inori’s life, but one thing is for sure-  Microsoft’s marketing plan is clear.  Microsoft Asia went “full-retard” to desperately promote a limp Internet Explorer to what we assume is every Asian guy out there in that sexy/anime/creeper kind of way.  But to be honest, Inori is in the least the next best Microsoft mascot since Clippy the Microsoft Office assistant.

What do you think about Inori? Is she the key to attracting asian guys to a rather lonely Internet Explorer?.

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