Instagram User Who Sent D‌‌e‌‌at‌‌h‌ Threat to BTS Member In‌ves‌tig‌ated by LAPD

The Los Angeles Po‌l‌ic‌e Department is now investigating the d‌ea‌t‌h threat against South Korean pop group BTS member, Park Ji-min, or famously known by his stage name as Jimin.

On July 12, multiple reports emerged saying that an anonymous Instagram user sent another de‌a‌t‌h threat to Jimin, and that this time, the sender thr‌ea‌te‌ned to ha‌rm the K-pop artist during the group’s concert in the Staple Center in Los Angeles, California, on September 5, according to Korea Daily.

The anonymous social media user posted a photo of a g‌u n and released a statement saying that the user plans to s‌h‌oo‌t Jimin at the BTS concert, which is part of their stop for the “Love Yourself” tour on September 5 and run until September 8.

LAPD’s Media Relations Section Officer Tony Im acknowledged the threat and told the media that the authorities “are aware of the matter and are looking into it,” NBC Los Angeles reported.

This is the third time Jimin had received a th‌rea‌ten‌ing message saying that the sender will hurt him during their concert. Last year, an anti-BTS Twitter page made a rather disturbing post that reads: “My place is rather discreet for the concert, my g‌un in my bag and when Jimin will sing Lie. Boom he will die!!”

This prompted Big Hit Entertainment, the group’s management company, to issue an assurance to the fans that Jimin and the other members of the group, will be safe for their concert in California.

Another threat was made in May 2018 and was brought to light by one of BTS’ fans on Twitter.

Fortunately, Fort Worth, Texas, p‌oli‌c‌e have already been notified of the th‌re‌at and acknowledged that they are aware of it.

The “Love Yourself” tour will kick off in Seoul, South Korea, on August 25.

Images via Instagram / btsjimin

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