Extremely Strong Winds Cause Waterfall in India to Flow Upwards


Waterfalls typically flows downward, but this one in India had a very rare moment where the water actually flowed upwards thanks to some extremely strong winds.

This breathtaking moment was luckily captured by waterfall enthusiast Abhinandan Kavale at Kavalshet Point, Maharashtra, and was shared on Caters Clips YouTube channel.


In the clip, the 400 feet (121.9 meters) waterfall can be seen showering spectators as it flows its waters upwards, thus giving it a reverse waterfall effect. According to 30-year-old Abhinandan, this was all caused by the winds that blow through the valley.

This apparently isn’t a one-time occurrence at the scenic waterfall. Videos from Kavalshet Point’s reverse waterfall like this one, for instance, where you can get to see the strong winds blowing the water upwards, giving sightseers a shower.


Featured image via YouTube / Caters Clip

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